Threats to the Global Environment

Congratulations. The United Nations has hired you as a consultant on global issues. Many of the UN members are not satisfied with the progress of the Millennium Development Goals, and feel that the goals focus on the wrong issues. There is a disconnect between what issues the UN developed countries believe are priorities and what many developing countries feel the prioritized issues should be. For example, the country of Burundi has asked that one of the goals be focused on food security but Austria is adamant that a major current global issue is to mediate ceasefires to countries in the midst of a civil war.

You have been asked to provide an unbiased perspective and identify the four issues you feel most impact the global environment. You will present your findings at the next UN General Assembly. Your goal is to provide a history of each issue, the number of countries affected, and the effects of this threat to the world population.

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Threats to the Global Environment
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Of the eight major threats listed below, choose four that you consider the most critical.

Energy sources Civil war (NOT THE US CIVIL WAR)
Globalization Poor health of entire populations
Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos
Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change

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