Political Science Question

This Response Paper invites you to critically assess the main arguments made in the assigned readings associated with three specified weekly topics for each due date. Each paper must begin by identifying the key issue(s) or theme(s) for discussion. In addition to demonstrating your familiarity with the readings, you should use the occasion to express your approval or disapproval (and like or dislike) with certain points made in the assigned readings (and, if relevant, in lectures/sessions). This is an assignment to ask you to share your informed opinion 3 and depth of understanding, and should not be a mere summary of readings or lecture content. Each paper should be about 5 pages, typed, double-spaced, and spell-checked. Be sure to refer to the sources of information in your paper in short citation format (e.g., Liu, Geron, and Lai 2008, p. 71; Lee 2015, pp. 283-285).

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Political Science Question
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