“Oka!” Pygmy people

Listen to the following review of “Oka!,” a movie released in 2011 about Pygmy people, reviewed here on NPR’s All Things Considered. https://www.npr.org/2012/01/20/145532524/oka-featu…

In this review and interview, the filmmaker mentions that the Pygmy people were, as were some Bantu people from the region, employed as actors for the making of the film. She describes some of that interaction as well as technologies used to record Pygmy music for the film’s soundtrack. Take a moment to reflect on the implications of this interaction in regards to what we learned from this module’s readings, lectures, and videos and the future of the Pygmy people. Please write 3-5 substantive sentences commenting on any aspect of this implication. You may either write a new thread or comment on someone else’s thread.

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“Oka!” Pygmy people
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