HOSP 4040 Hotel Benchmarking Case Study

  • Review all of the information you have, and list all of the items you see which appear to be problems. Your list should be categorized in the same manner as the checklist.
  • From your list, determine which 5 problems should be addressed first, based on your estimate of their likely financial impact. For the 5 items you select, you will need to determine the financial impact (increased profitability) based on the hotel’s current performance and their distance from the company benchmark, using 2014 revenue and volume.
  • For each item on the list, recommend 4 specific action steps the management team must take to correct the problem and reach the benchmark.
  • Submit a written report “addressed to” the unit managers. In this report, for each of the 5 items identify, you need to:
    • Identify what information you used to draw your conclusion for that item. Which report(s) you used in your review.
    • Show the calculation you made to determine the financial impact.
    • List the 4 action steps you are recommending they take. These can be bullet points, but must be specific.

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