Scientific experimentation

For the first part please follow these directions

Reading summaries

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Scientific experimentation
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1. 1-2 sentence intro: This should be a quick description of the idea covered in the reading (e.g. Scientific experimentation can be subdivided into lab studies, field studies, and natural experiments. Diamond et al. posit the idea… ).

2. Objective or purpose of experiment/observational study/writing – what is the purpose and to convey what message?

3. Results/conclusions. Highlight the key findings and take-home messages.

4. Your interpretation of these results and/or if this is a relevant contribution. – Your interpretation is subjective, so feel free to write a comment in a subjective fashion!

For the second part (discussion).

What are your thoughts of the reading? This could include aspects of what you liked/disliked, agreed/disagreed with, or even things you may have had difficulty in understanding.

A good way to accomplish this is to begin to challenge and/or think critically of the author’s decisions in experimental design and conclusions drawn from the data.

I want you to think about if you would do things this way or draw the same conclusions – think “does it make sense?” and why/why no

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