Should make ppt and make video presentation


The video presentation on the topic may be a recorded PowerPoint or other form of presentation and should not exceed approximately 5 minutes in length. The video file (.mp4) can be submitted to the assignment dropbox or uploaded to Youtube, etc.

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Should make ppt and make video presentation
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You may use any tools that you have readily available or explore some of the tools below:

Video Resources

  • You may use voice over in PowerPoint or your phone to record and upload to the assignment dropbox.
  • TechSmith Capture (formerly Jing) is a free/easy to use application that will allow you to record up to five minute presentations.
  • TinyTake – Capture video or screenshots, add annotation, save locally or online.
  • Youtube allows direct recording/upload to the site.
  • Blackboard Collaborate – Collaborate is a bit clunky, but it is a web conferencing tool that also allows for recording.

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