Reviews the main theories related to depression and provide a background.

(for example, if you are presenting a topic on sleep and cognitive performance, explain the major theories about sleep and how it is related to memory, reaction time etc.)

  • Address the topic by answering things like “how, why, where, etc”from a neuroscience/biological psychology perspective. (for example on the topic of sleep and cognitive performance, explain how sleep is defined, what are the stages of sleep, what each stage is responsible for, etc. Then explain how sleep can affect cognitive performance, such as memory, etc. When explaining include things (when possible) that we discussed in class, such as location of certain functions in the brain (using the correct terms)
  • Provide relevant research (when appropriate) to support your claims. Research should be scientific in nature.
  • EXTEND the topic BEYOND what was covered in class. AT LEAST 95% of your paper NEEDS to be about Biological Psychology/Neuroscience
    • The research paper MUST include the following:
      • 1) Title Page
      • 2) Introduction
      • 3) Summary research papers
      • 4) Discussion/Conclusion
      • 5) Reference page
    Mechanics/Format (7.5 points)

    Please no plagiarism!!!

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Reviews the main theories related to depression and provide a background.
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