Create a Python file that does the following (25 points a problem):

Problem 1)

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  • Ask the User for their Name and their favorite number
  • Print to screen “Hi <name>, your favorite number is <number>” replace <> with their input
  • If there favorite number is greater than 10 tell them “they think big”
  • If their favorite number is less than 10 tell them “Think bigger next time!”

Problem 2)

  • Create a List of 10 Natural language names (English, Icelandic …)
  • Print to the screen the first 3 languages
  • Print to screen the last language
  • Ask the User to add one language to the previous list
  • Loop through the List and print each to screen

Problem 3)

  • Create a Dictionary of names and ages i.e names={‘nathan’:37} make sure there are at least 10 entries
  • Ask the user for a name
  • Print of “that user is <age> years old
  • If the user does not exist, tell the user “I do not know that user

Problem 4)

  • Write a function (make_a_name) that creates a celebrity nickname
  • The function should take two names as parameters
  • The function should combine the first 3 letters of the first parameter with the last 3 letters of the second parameter
  • Print out the new name
  • For example make_a_name(Mary Jones,John Smith) should print Marith

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