Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation

  1. Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation


    As a regional health care administrator for a long-term care organization, you have been asked to train a new group of health care administrators who just completed their degrees. They have no work experience in health care administration or financial management. For this assignment:

    • Develop a 10–12 slide narrated PowerPoint presentation explaining the role of health care administrators in fiscal planning and financial management.
    • Be sure to address the following:
      • Strategic planning.
      • Budgeting.
      • Regulatory compliance.
      • Insurance and reimbursement.
      • Human resources, human capital, and staffing.
    • Include cover and references slides as well as speaker’s notes in each slide. Note that cover and references slides are not part of the required slide count.

    Use Basic Search: Strayer University Library to find and include 3–5 quality references, one of which should be your course text.

‼️‼️‼️EXTRA CREDIT ! (PLEASE COMPLETE EXTRA CREDIT AND ITS ENTIRETY) This is to be in word formatting NOT PowerPoint! If more time is needed please request it ‼️‼️‼️‼️

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Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation
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One hot topic in many health care organizations today is revenue cycle management. We typically do not get paid when services are rendered nor do we get the full cost of providing that care. As a result we incur costs for facilities, supplies, and labor that must be covered. The ultimate goal of revenue cycle management is to convert services into the correct amount of cash reimbursement. This can be a bit difficult for medical practices. One reason is that providers often forget it is a business.

Discuss why it is important for the practice physicians to be involved in revenue cycle management:

  • What role do you see them having in this process?
  • What message does such involvement send to staff? Do you think it will compromise patient care?
  • What would say to a provider who shows some resistance to being a part of the process?

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