C++ FINAL EXAMINATION (Multiple Choice/True False)


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Complete the entire exam and then submit it.

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 1:02:45 PM EST

The Final Exam will be made available this Friday December 11. The Exam will be open until Friday, December 18 (Two weeks).

The exam covers 25 M/C-T/F questions from chapters 1 to 10 and has a 35 minute Time Limit. Question are similar to the Review Questions and Exercises at the end of each chapter. The Exam is open book.


All assignment are due on Friday, December 18. Submission of grades will be on Saturday, December 19.

Video tutorials illustrating key concepts from the text.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers and Programming

Chapter 2: Introduction to C++

Chapter 3: Expressions and Interactivity

Chapter 4: Making Decisions

Chapter 5: Looping

Chapter 6: Functions

Chapter 7: Introduction to Classes and Objects

Chapter 8: Arrays and Vectors

Chapter 9: Searching, Sorting, and Algorithm Analysis

Chapter 10: Pointers

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