Descriptive Assignment

CW-Task-3-Descriptive Assignment (Submission on 12th week)

With the aid of block diagram/circuit connection and relevant equations, describe the working principle of following systems and control strategies adopted. Emphasis should be given on usage of power electronic converter in the system. The task needs to be completed within 1500 words not exceeding 15 pages. References should be given at the end for the report.

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Descriptive Assignment
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  1. High Voltage DC Transmission Systems(HVDC)
  2. DC motor drive


Question 1: High voltage DC Transmission(HVDC) System

(Reference: any relevant journals or text books)


  1. Introduction (what is HVDC systems, brief history)
  2. Block diagram and explanation (on the components)
  3. Applications of HVDC systems
  4. Advantages of HVDC systems over HVAC systems
  5. Benefits of HVDC systems(Technical,Economical,Environmental)
  6. Drawbacks of HVDC systems
  7. Give brief idea on any existing HVDC system(like GCC grid or, using reference of journal related

Question 2:DC motor drive-Speed control of DC motor using controlled rectifiers

(Reference:Text book Power Electronics MH Rashid)


  1. Introduction (DC motor drive and applications)
  2. Operating modes of dc motor(block diagram/circuit diagram and explainations)
  3. Basic equations related to speed control of DC motor
  4. Single-phase half-controlled rectifier based DC motor drive(Circuit, Operational modes, and equations)
  5. Single-phase full wave-controlled rectifier-based DC motor drive(Circuit, Operational modes, and equations)



Marking scheme-Task 3

Component Description Weightage (%)
1 Block diagrams/circuit connections, Relevant equations 30%
2 Describe the working principle of the systems.

Application of power converters in the system.

Explanation on control strategies adopted by the system.

3 Report writing skills 10%
                                                                         Total 100







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