Create a short report based on the information provided to you

Be sure that your short report includes the following:

    • An introduction that outlines the purpose of the report, the source of information, and a preview of the findings (if positive).
    • Findings and analysis of the report and the significance of the findings and analysis.
    • Recommendations that solve the problem and provide alternative solutions.
    • Correct short report – letter format.
    • Correct grammar and syntax

The information is listed below.

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Create a short report based on the information provided to you
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As Cynthia M. Chavez, president, Chavez and Associates, you have been hired as a consultant to advise the St. Petersburg, Florida, City Council. The City Council has asked you and your associates to investigate a problem with Pinellas Park Beachway.

In 1979 St. Petersburg constructed a 12-foot pathway, now called the Pinellas Park Beachway. It was meant originally for bicycle riders. Now, more than three decades later, it has become very popular among joggers, walkers, bikers, in-line skaters, skateboarders, sightseers, and people walking their dogs. In fact, it has become so popular that it is dangerous. Last year the St. Petersburg Police Department reported an amazing 65 collisions in the area. And this doesn’t count the close calls and minor accidents that no one reported. The City Council wants your organization to identify the problem and come up with some workable recommendations for improving safety.

As you look into the matter, you immediately decide that the council is right. A problem definitely exists! In addition to the many pedestrians and riders, you see that families with rented pedal-powered surreys clog the beachway. Sometimes they even operate these vehicles on the wrong side. Your investigation further reveals that bicyclists with rental bikes do not always have bells to alert walkers. And poor lighting makes nighttime use extremely dangerous. You have noticed that conditions seem to be worst on Sundays. This congestion results from nearby art and crafts fairs and sales, attracting even more people to the crowded area.

Your investigation confirms that the beachway is dangerous. But what to do about it? In a brainstorming session, your associates make a number of suggestions for reducing the dangers to users. By the way, the council is particularly interested in lessening the threat of liability to the city. One of your associates thinks that the beachway should be made 15 or more feet wide. Another suggests that the beachway be lighted at night. Someone thinks that a new path should be built on the beach side of the existing beachway; this path would be for pedestrians only. Educating users about safety rules and etiquette would certainly be wise for everyone. One suggestion involves better striping or applying colors to designate different uses for the beachway. And why not require that all rental bicycles be equipped with bells? One of the best recommendations involved hiring uniformed “beach hosts” who would monitor the beachway, give advice, offer directions, and generally patrol the area.

In a short report, outline the problem and list your recommendations. Naturally, you would be happy to discuss your findings and recommendations with the St. Petersburg City Council.

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