Create a handout flyer

for this assignment put the following Preschool Parent Newsletter information into a handout flyer with pictures make it look nice should be 1 page :


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Create a handout flyer
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Dear Parent,

I am excited to announce that we will begin learning about the feelings theme. The feelings theme is essential to help your child identify and name their emotions. We find it necessary that as we teach your children, they also need to become all-rounded. Being in touch with their feelings and emotions will help them understand their thoughts and behavior. As the children continue to advance, they continue to become complicated; the emotions they feel each day compels children to take actions and will generally influence their decision making in certain situations in their lives. At their age, your children will grasp the importance and magnitude of feelings and emotions, which will help them become more aware of their surroundings.

We purpose to integrate various learning activities in the class. The children will be involved in activities that help them learn and help them learn about feelings and emotions. The activities include painting; the activity is an entirely free art choice, and the children freely paint. The art activity has no teachers’ decisions about the outcome, and when they are done drawing, the teachers will ask them to name the pictures with a feeling. The teacher will ask what the children were feeling and the reason they felt so. The pictures will be hung with their descriptions. Circle time is an excellent time for the children to learn social skills of being together as a large group and learn about the feelings theme. The teacher will make up a song and put in additional lines for different emotions that they think. In advance, the teachers will prepare feelings posters for the circle area to refer to; a piece of paper will be cut out with each child’s name and given to them. The children will be given their name papers, and they will be asked how they feel and then to point to the emotion while it is named for them, each will tape their names under the emotions they feel. As an extension, the teacher will ask what made each child feel that emotion and then generally discuss emotions.

Parents are advised to get into some recommended activities to promote the feelings theme. First, snack recipe ideas are needed to promote the feelings theme at home. Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and learn how to follow instructions and directions. Cooking promotes conversation, which allows the parent to ask as many questions about how they feel about their personal and external environment outside the home or elsewhere. These conversations will help the parent understand and assess their children better. Such games include ‘Go Cracker’ the children arrange crackers as facial features on the paper plate and use fruits like grapes for eyes and the nose and grated material for the mouth features; smiles and frowns. The parents can also include their children in activities where they are challenged to look at the mirror and make a face connected to a feeling. By the parent making faces, the children replicate them and explain the feeling connected to the facial expression. The parents could be of great help by donating craft items such as paints, brushes, markers, crayons, stamps, and papers for the children’s art projects. We must teach our children how to show emotions and feelings and process them to shape complete minds that are adaptive and mindful of their environment. I hope you agree with us on the matter.

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