COOP Monthly Report

You have to write a 3-4 pages report about my coop experience. each week i fill a template about the tasks i did in this week, and when i complete 4 weeks i have to write a monthly report explaining what i did in details because the weekly report is only a brief about the tasks, it must be an essay with explanations not points ( YOU HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE PAGE OF EACH WEEK AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN DETAILS FROM YOUR OWN WORDS). This is my sixth monthly report, i will attach the 4 reports of each week and you write the monthly report. don’t write anything other than the tasks mentioned in the weekly report. (use it as a guide it has the headlines and you write the details from your own words). write skills learned more than what i wrote in the weekly report( its ok to add from your mind). And please find attached the second and third monthly report use it as a sample and template i want it to be in the same arrangements. Thank you.

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COOP Monthly Report
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