Argumentative essay.

We have to choose on a topic that wasn’t spoken in American Myths class. The class simply debunks how history is debunked for example like Christopher Columbus and how he was not someone who we should be celebrated because America was built over lies and slaver. I chose the manifesto of Hitler because he had a different outlook on why he did what he did with the Jews. Need a research paper of 6 pages long on a research paper and argumentative essay.

These are the questions asked for the research paper on the topic we choose.
What is the social issues that you are most interested in?
What interesting fact have you discovered so far in this process?
What specific aspect so far do you think you can analyze, expand on, or research further?
List at five specific sources that you have found which will be useful to your research. One of these sources may be a website, two must be books
I have chosen this focus because?
Your answer to the following question will constitute your argument. Your argument may change as you do more research on and think more deeply about your topic.
How is your topic interesting or important? Are there unresolved questions relating to your topic? How might you approach these questions?
Determine Your Type of Essay:
1. Read the definitions for the different types of essays on
2. In reference to your topic, which kind of essay do you think you will pursue for your essay? Why? How will this type of essay compliment your topic?

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