Answer the following 6 total quality management questions

  1. Briefly explain: Susan, a middle Manager in a construction company, has become interested in total quality management and thinks that a program would benefit her organization. Top managers are somewhat reluctant to adopt new ideas. What approach cancels then take to introduce TQM and gain acceptance for it, given her limited power?



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Answer the following 6 total quality management questions
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  1. Explain two or more differences in objectives for continual improvement and benchmarking. What are the differences between how they assist organizations?



  1. Describe and explain the role of top managers in implementation of total quality. Describe at least two actions they should take and to actions they should avoid.



Attribute Control Charting


  1. Special plastics make blanks for credit cards. They use a P chart to keep track of the Number of non-conforming cards that are created when a batch of blank cards is run. A study was conducted for 7 days, with samples of 100 cards taking each day. The nonconformances (np) are tabulated for each day as follows:


DAY NP (non-conformances) PValues
1 17  
2 14  
3 21  
4 16  
5 44  
6 12  
7 19  



NOTE: Place your answers in the essay field I love this question field and identifying them clearly. If possible show your calculations. State the values clearly, such as: Process mean Pbar= x.xx


  1. Calculate the process mean as a decimal (p bar)
  2. Calculate the upper control limit (UCL)
  3. Calculate the lower control limit (LCL)
  4. Is there any sign of variation to two special issues? Explain your reasoning.




  1. Construct X Manufacturing makes metal rods of specified lengths for construction contractors. One customer has specified lengths of 39 to 49 cm. Construct X has conducted an analysis that indicates shafts that average 42.9 cm in length, with a standard deviation of 0.75 centimeters.


  1. Calculate the Cp value to determine if construct X’s production system is capable of meeting its customers’ requirements. Hint: there is no need to use the D to constant. Just assume that sigma is the same value as sigma estimated.


Cp value=



  1. Calculate the Cpk value. Cpk value=




  1. Briefly explain the differences between the Cp & Cpk values and how capable the system is meeting its customers’ requirements.



  1. If the system is not capable, what options does construct X have to rectify the situation?




Control Charts


  1. Given the following data. Calculate the values needed for an Xbox 360 month control chart for the six days indicated. Three samples are taken each day.


Note: List calculated values clearly below


Day X Bar Range R
Monday 26,24,32  
Tuesday 32,30,36  
Wednesday 30,22,32  
Thursday 15,28,53  
Friday 30,28,34  
Saturday 22,32,28  



  1. Factor A2=


  1. Factor D3 =


  1. Factor D4 =


  1. Process mean X double bar =


  1. Mean Range Rbar =


  1. Upper Control limit UCLx =


  1. Lower Control Limit LCLx =


  1. For the 6 days indicated on the xbar chart, is the process in control? Explain your reasons below

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