8 easy business questions. Management.

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half a page for each question.

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8 easy business questions. Management.
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each question on a separate page.

no citations needed just answering questions.

1. Identify and define the four key functions of management. (Module 9) 2. Describe the three basic types of management skills and relate these skills to the tasks performed by different levels of management. (Module 9) 3. Explain the SWOT analysis, and its importance. (Module 9) 4. Describe the steps involved in the marketing process. (Module 13&14) 5. What is the role of segmentation and targeting in marketing? (Module 13&14) 6. Explain the marketing mix. (Module 13&14) 7. State the accounting equation. Identify the three financial statements that corporations are required to prepare and describe the type of information found in each. (Module 16) 8. Explain the differences between managerial and financial accounting and give examples of the types of problems and issues examined by each of these areas of accounting.

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