Stress Diary and Stressor Analysis

For this activity, you will keep a Stress Diary for 5-7 days. When you have finished your diary, select one of the stressors that you identified and write a reflection paper about it. The diary format will be provided below. You can recreate it or cut and paste the table into a new document or you can put it at the end of your reflection paper. Include the following in your paper:

    • Introductory paragraph (tell the reader what the paper is about).
    • Describe your stressor (when it happened, why was it stressful, etc.).
    • Describe the type of stressor it is (ex. catastrophic or daily hassle) and if it is chronic or acute and why.
    • Describe the physical reaction and the emotional reaction you experienced.
    • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), describe how stressful this was for you and why
    • Describe your coping approach and explain if it is problem-focused, emotion-focused, or avoidant and why.
    • Explain why you think you cope this way and why you think it is or is not effective.
    • Describe one way you might improve your coping strategy for this stressor.
    • Describe your reaction to this activity. Was it helpful or not and why? Might you continue doing it?(The diary and the reflection)
    • Concluding paragraph (should tie everything together).
    • In-text citations and reference section at end (should be your textbook and/or online content)
    • Minimum 800 words
    • The font should be Times New Roman 12-point unbolded
    • Double-space your lines and use 1-inch margins
    • Follow APA style for formatting your citations and your reference page. Here are some sources:

In-text citations:

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