Sociology 1

ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE . CHOSE WHICH US CORRECT, only 5 questions!!! Must be correct

Suppose the members of a social movement work together in an effort to improve the quality of education in low-income communities. Which member would be considered a beneficiary constituent?

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Sociology 1
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Group of answer choices

Maria, a mother whose children attend an underfunded school in a rural area.

David, who coordinates social media for the group and whose children are working adults.

Tom, a working-class man who doesn’t have children himself but wants to make a change.

Susan, an upper-class woman who is passionate about leveling the playing field.

Which action most accurately demonstrates a reformative social movement?

Group of answer choices

working to dismantle institutional racism around the country

signing a petition to allow for students to use cell phones in between classes

speaking at events and asking people to stop drinking and driving

fundraising for various animal shelters in a large city

Jacob believes capitalism must be eliminated in order to correct the disparity between the elites and the working-class people. This would call for a(n) ______ social movement.

Group of answer choices





Which theoretical perspective would explore how meaning for the word marriage is created and challenged?

Group of answer choices

rational choice

structural functionalism

conflict theory

symbolic interactionism

Suppose an animal ethics organization popularized the term “ethically farmed” to describe meat and dairy products sourced from well-treated animals. If a corporation inaccurately labeled their products as “ethically farmed” in order to appeal to consumers, the social movement would be considered ______.

Group of answer choices





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