Second World War

Instructions: Answer each part with a paragragraph. Must respond all the questions.


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Second World War
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  1. What were the underlying causes of the Second World War?
  2. What was the initial cause of the Second World War?
  3. What is appeasement?
  4. Why did Britain and France appease Hitler?
  5. What did Hitler do to prevent fighting a two-front war?
  6. What tactics did Hitler use to gain support of the people?
  7. What was the final solution?
  8. Who was responsible to administer the final solution?


  1. Define imperialism
  2. What were the goals of imperialism?
  3. What did the imperialist power gain?
  4. Why were Liberia and Ethiopia not conquered by the Europeans?
  5. Who wrote the Heart of Darkness?
  6. Who were the Boers?
  7. Why was China different that Africa in being a target of imperialism?
  8. What major country in Asia was not conquered by the Europeans?


  1. What were the major themes of the Enlightenment?
  2. What is the definition of a philosophe?
  3. What were the three major statements of Immanuel Kant?
  4. Discuss thoroughly Diderot
  5. Discuss thoroughly Montesquieu
  6. Discuss thoroughly Voltaire


  1. As presented in class, what were the underlying causes of the Great War? (6)
  2. What was the immediate cause of the Great War?
  3. Who were the members of the Triple Alliance?
  4. Who were the members of the Triple Entente?
  5. What was the name of the peace plan of Woodrow Wilson and what was the major idea?
  6. Why was this considered to be a World War?
  7. Why was the date 11-11-1918 chosen for the Armistice?


  1. Why was the French Revolution a historical changing event? How?
  2. What Enlightenment ideas affected the French Revolution?
  3. What were the underlying causes of the French Revolution?
  4. The French Revolution compared to the US Independence War was far more violent. why?
  5. What was the first step of the French Revolution?
  6. What was the symbol of the end of the power of the King?
  7. What role did the women play in the French Revolution?


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