Law and society research

Describe the Selected Problem***********
Identify a social problem (a problem that affects many people) that has either affected you personally, someone close to you, or a community to which you belong, and which you feel needs to be addressed. Include some research on the problem—how many people are affected? What are some of the negative effects that stem from this problem? (For example, if you select violence, you might research PTSD among victims of violence, the number of lives lost, etc. If you select a certain type of cancer, how widespread is it? How does it affect those who are diagnosed and their loved ones?) Sample ideas might range from abandoned/vacant housing, to homelessness, to air pollution, bullying, college loan or credit card debt, contaminated water, discrimination, domestic violence, health care (such as access to, or quality of available), identity theft, mental illness (discrimination against, or access to mental health care, etc.), political corruption, poverty, violence (mass shootings, urban violence, etc.) or unemployment… the list of possibilities would be endless!

4-6 pages

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Law and society research
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