GOCT 2305 federal goverment

Answer following questions. (Use full sentences. Number your answer accordingly to number of questions.)

1. After taking the GOVT course, state in your own words How do you perceive word politics? What would be best description of politics in your own words?

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GOCT 2305 federal goverment
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*2. If you changed your perception of politics, describe that change.

3. If politics is good, what do you think makes politics to be good. In contrary, if politics is bad what do you think makes politics to be perceived as bad?

In other words, I am asking you what do you think which factors determine quality of politics.

4. My goal in this class was to provide you basic rules of this game we call politics.

What knowledge that you obtain in this course you think you can use if you decide to participate in this game?

If you already participated in politics, what knowledge that you earned in this course makes you a better player?

5. In which type of assessment you enjoyed the most in this eight-week course? Explain.

(Answer can be: none) You still need to explain.

There is no wrong answer to any of questions above.

Since these are your thoughts, use your own words! Also, you make decision how many words you need in order to answer those questions!

Yet, make sure to use full sentences.

This is your reflection. Aside your demonstrated written communication skills, honesty is the most important requirement!

No google, no outside resources, no bibliography!

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