Areas to address:


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Basic country information


Government: Type of system



Physical Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure





Basic Information about your country:


The official national name
By what name its citizens are properly referred to
What the products or materials are referred to locally
Image of country flag






Population growth rate
The median age of the population
The population age structure
The urban/rural composition of the population
The population (in percent) of each ethnic group
The major languages spoken
The official language
The major religions
The life expectancy for residents
The fertility rate for women
The infant mortality rate
Percent of the population living below the poverty line
The educational attainment and literacy of adults (age 25 and older)
The total number of adults living with HIV/AIDS
Percent of the adult population living with HIV/AIDS



Form of government
From whom your country gained its independence
The date independence was gained
The current head of state
The official currency source



The geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude)
The surface area source
The population density (the number of people per square mile)
Countries with which borders are shared
Miles of coastline
The largest cities by population
The climate
Percentage of arable land




The Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Annual growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The GDP per capita
The GDP is drawn proportionately from which industries
The size of the available labor
The labor force works proportionately which industries
The inflation rate for consumer prices
The unemployment rate
The major trading partners
The total value of exports
Percentage of exports and imports, respectively, of the GDP source
The major imports


Information regarding the final paper:


The report should cover all topics in the outline as well as an executive summary, introduction, (country and product) and recommendations. The report will be type-written, double-spaced, and will total at least 15 pages. The appendix of each section will contain exhibits such as maps of the country, tables, and charts, a visual of your product, and the citing of sources of information.


Please make sure you cite your sources in APA with in-text citations and a reference list as an appendix.



The project will be presented to the class during weeks 13 & 14. I will decide when you present. You will have 10-15 minutes for your presentation. Think Shark Tank when you are presenting. The idea is to pitch your business plan to potential investors or lenders. Provide appropriate visual aids to accompany your project.


Please note that some of the topics required in the presentation may not have been covered at length prior to its due date. It is your responsibility to review those appropriate chapters and extract any information that may aid in the completion of your project.


Sources for information:



CIA World Factbook:

World Bank (Country Profile)

World Bank (ICT at a Glance) same as above and access the information and communication tables.

Atlapedia Online

Information Please

Utilize your country’s e-Government Web site



Worksheet 2:


Global Business Project Worksheet 2





Business Environment Analysis Report


Now that you have some background on your country, it is time to determine how you will make an impact within the country, or at least fulfil a need or want.


For this worksheet you are to analyze the environment to determine the feasibility of your idea as well as the country’s possible receptiveness to your idea.


For example, you may find that the literacy rate of people ages 20-25 is very low. You may want to embark on an educational enrichment program. However, the country does not support women in education and this is a major part of the issue.


This is a research project. The research and analytical skills that you have developed at this point in your college career should yield a well-written quality report.


Address your product or service and use the rationale from each of the areas of your first project. You will also include components referencing culture and religion.


Areas to think about:


Listed below are some of the areas from your initial research that may help you determine the feasibility of your idea. These different variables may influence your marketing strategy in introducing your product or service into the country you are researching. There may be other areas in addition to those listed. Do not just stick to the below list. Add or take away as appropriate.


Remember: Address key characteristics that will validate, justify, or explain your rationale for the need for your product and the potential receptiveness by the receiving country. Every point is probably not needed for every product or service, however, you are going to “pitch” or “sell” your idea to potential backers, make sure you cover your bases in your business plan and presentation!






Total Population

Population Growth Rate

Age Structure

Middle Class Size

Urban/Rural Composition



Government Stability

Economic Freedom

Openness to FDI

Legal System

Currency Convertibility





Social Structure




Communications Infrastructure

Fixed Telephone Market

Wireless Telephone Market

PC Ownership

Internet Users

TV Ownership


Physical Infrastructure

Roads and Highways



Navigable Waterways




GDP Growth Rate

Per Capita GDP

Consumer Inflation Rate

Trade as Share of GDP

Potential Market



Also Include aspects from:

















Additional questions to consider:


What key factors should you monitor while doing business in your country: Currency/economic conditions, political, cultural, etc.?


Do you believe that your country’s business environment will improve, worsen, or remain the same over the coming 12 months?


Do you believe that the country’s business environment will improve, worsen, or remain the same over the coming decade?


Do you foresee any obstacles entering the country with your service or product?


Is your country receptive to imports?


Are you competing with similar products or services in your country? If so, why would you still enter?


These are just some ideas. You are doing the research and your papers will most likely address additional issues. Also, don’t just go off of hunches, your investors may ask questions or challenge you during your presentation!


For this paper you must cite your sources. You must cite at least 6 sources plus one additional source that is not on the list I provided. Research involves more than one source. You must use additional sources other than the CIA or World Fact Book. You need to expand.


Think about your project. This is different than a strict outline of what you would do. Note that good research does not fit into a specific pattern. You are to think outside of the box!


You will submit this project (business plan) in electronic form. Please, please, please: Check your font, check for clarity, check for logic, check for APA format. Have someone read your report if needed to determine if it is understandable. Please present with quality consistent with a level college course.




Worksheet 3:


Global Business Project 3




Worksheet Objective: Determine a mode of entry for your initiative into the country you have been researching throughout the semester.



Part 1: Entry Modes


Please consider the following list of entry modes for introducing your initiative into the country that you have researched.


Consider and know your options!



For each viable option, identify at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of EACH mode of ENTRY in relation to your product or service. Be specific. Associate each advantage or disadvantage with a concept or fact you learned about your country such as political, economic, cultural, trading blocs, etc. (See the following.) Substantiate your rationale with the facts.




Trade barriers
If you refer to an economic barrier an example may be currency issues. You must be very specific with the example citing the exchange rate and explaining the relevancy. GDP may also be a factor to which you refer. Be specific with your research.
Political barriers
Limited movement of goods
Resource availability
Cultural and nationalist issues

These are just a few. You may use anything you have learned during this course, as well as any chapters not covered but it must be relevant, verifiable, and specific. You cannot simply speculate.


Note: There are many types of variables when considering modes of entry. Example: Exporting can be direct, indirect, and varying degrees of exporting. Make sure you consider the options.



Mode of entry:






Turnkey project

Management contract



Contract manufacturing

Joint venture




Part 2: Selection



For part 2 you will select the most appropriate entry mode for introducing your initiative into the country at this time. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


You may use any information from your previous projects as a source of data. Please explain the relevancy of using that data in your report.




It is important to consider entry modes and deeply understand them, think about the description of the modes of entry and the relevancy of them to your product, reasonableness of your selection, and your rationale.

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