Aviation weather

AERO 2010   TEST 4                      NAME


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Aviation weather
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Go to the National Weather Service site for the AVIATION WEATHER CENTER.

The site on the internet system is:  aviationweather.gov

This will allow you to pick the more general areas.  Also you can go to METARs, TAFs, / AIR / PIREPTs, SIGMETs and Geographical AIRMETs.


  1. What is the METAR reading for BNA.






  1. What is the TAF reading for BNA.

KBNA [Nashville Intl]





  1. Are there any PIREPs for the BNA or middle TN area? If so what s the readiing?








  1. Do you think that you could fly from BNA to CHA  safely in todays current weather settings? Why?



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