Ancient cities of Iran research paper

Topic: Must be related to the study of Iranian cities ranging in date from the early villages of the Iranian Plateau to the cities of PreModern times. The paper can be also a critical review of one of the publications on Iranian cities. The idea is to do research and come up with an original essay. *Find a topic that interests you. *Plan your research and set a schedule. *Write a draft and revise it several times if needed. For a general overview of Iranian cities, look at the link below:

The content: Must be organized with subtitles or paragraphs. Each paragraph has to correspond to a newly introduced argument or step in the essay. The essay must include a short introduction, a development section, and a conclusion.

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Ancient cities of Iran research paper
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Length: 1500-2000 words with references (footnotes or bibliography).

Style: Any editorial style is accepted if the paper is consistent and written in acceptable English. Check the spelling and grammar. The Chicago Manual of Style is a good reference tool. For example, follow the link below:…

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