You are in the investigator of?

Early in the semester I wanted to know if you became an investigator what type of investigator would you be. Now, you are an investigator. Choose what type of investigator, Major crimes investigator (Robbery, homicide, sex crimes). Gang investigator, narcotics investigator, or Vice (Prostitution, Gambling) investigator.
Create a story of a crime that you have investigated.
Describe the crime
Tell the story of how it happened
Explain your investigative tactics
Have a few sentences as your arrest report
Close with a conviction, and sentencing of your suspect.
Your paper must have factual context of the crime that you wrote that you investigated. This means that you must follow the Objectives of an Investigation: Read the seven objectives of a police investigation on page #17.
Interrogations must have a Miranda Advisement
Remember- If they waive their rights, that means that they will talk to you.
Remember- If they invoke their rights, this means that they do not talk to you.
Explain your evidence, (You can do this in the report. do not make a PPT presentation like I did for the assault report).
Firearms investigations – P 176
Death investigations – P. 201
Theft, Burglary, and Robbery investigations P 226.
Drug Investigations – P 271
Arson and Explosives investigations P 302
Computer Crimes – P 317.
Closing statements end with a conviction.

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You are in the investigator of?
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