Where Does Your News Come From

15 page minimum requirement.
10 sources at least.
Academic research paper.
Intro, Lit. Review, Method, Results, Discussion/Conclusion, Reference page.
Attached is the recent outline I did for the paper, and what the professor wants it to look like. I chose the topic of the impact and importance of media literacy, and the question is where does your news come from?
So its more of an informative research paper.
Included in the research is a survey method. The survey method I wanted to use was a Likert scale using multiple-choice questions on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Thank you in advance to whomever is willing to help me out! I just lost my only parent and its been a very difficult time to focus no matter how hard I try. I NEED THIS PAPER TO RECIEVE MY DEGREE. My parent bought me my diploma frame and I don’t want to put it to waste. I need help please!

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Where Does Your News Come From
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