The green new deal

1. Cassidy, John. “The Good News About A Green New Deal”. The New Yorker, 2019,

This article overviews and explains the idea of the green new deal. The article demonstrates the good aspects of the deal following the 14-page legislative resolution which is sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and senator Ed Markey.

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The green new deal
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2. Pollin Robert.” Advancing a Viable Global Climate Stabilization Project: Degrowth versus the Green New Deal “SAGE journals, Vol.51, CA: SAGE Publications, 2019-06, Los Angeles.

This source discloses what the is the global green new deal from a professor at the university of Massachusetts who has helped create green new deals for several states. It also explains how the program will contribute to stabilizing climate change as well as create more job opportunities.


3. Wolf Zachary B. CNN. “Here’s What the Green New Deal Actually Says”. CNN, 2020,

This source is analysis done by CNN of the green new deal passages. It highlights key factors raised within the deal, including the procedure that will be taken within each planned change.

above are sources that can be used.

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