Story telling Native American contribution to WWII

Doing Social Studies Inquiry Paper and Handout (25 points)

The focus of this paper should be on the content you learned from your primary sources and resources. The curricular implications focus on why it matters to you that students learn what you have learned-think actual content, as well as big picture learning: perspective, silenced voices, hidden history, etc.  Write a paper that is 10-12 pages double-spaced.

Your final paper will be evaluated accordingly:

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Story telling Native American contribution to WWII
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  • Introduction: Briefly state your topic and how you have organized your paper. (1pt)
  • Content: In this paper, discuss what you learned about your chosen issue/topic from the resources you culled (and make sure to cite them!). It is important that you not summarize each resource (or a few resources), but instead that you synthesize across your resources to write a compelling and analytical narrative about the content you learned about your issue/topic from your research. (7pts)
  • Curricular Principles/Themes of Social Studies: You will also identify and discuss key curricular principles/themes for teaching social studies we have emphasized in class and illuminate how they link to your issue/topic (and make sure to cite class resources!). WHY DOES IT MATTER that you teach about this issue/topic? The strongest papers organize their content around 2-4 most prevalent themes/concepts from the course. (8pts)
  • Readings/Course Citations: Clear (and multiple) connections to readings, class sessions, course experiences, and guest speakers throughout the content and curricular principles/themes. Papers in which the course resources are embedded throughout the entire paper will receive the maximum points. (4pts)
  • Writing mechanics, including grammar, organization, headings, and a complete reference List: When sharing your complete list of references and resources at the end of your paper, please separate them into the following two categories:
    • Teacher and Classroom Resources
    • References (class readings or other readings you cited in your analysis). (2pts)


Handout includes: (3pts)

  • A short paragraph describing your topic and a few key learning goals for your students.
  • A few details of key information you learned about your topic
  • Five to six most useful resources you identified in your research
  • Handout is visually appealing and well organized






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