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Starbucks case study
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Organize and identify your responses, preferably, by cutting-and-pasting each specific instruction and number, as written below. All too often, students end-up writing an incorrect or incomplete response because they failed to address the instruction or question exactly as it was written.

Where appropriate, you should use tables or charts, and/or bullet-points and sub-headings to organize and display your analyses. Doing so not only makes it easier for you to understand and explain, it cuts-down on the amount of supporting narrative that you have to write to explain the outcomes of your analysis and assessments.

You should read the exam questions in their entirety, before starting.



TASK #1: Regarding Starbucks’ Strategy in 2018


(A) Briefly describe the following aspects of Starbucks’ strategy.


Growth Strategy

Strategy to provide a unique coffee experience

Product sourcing strategy

Product diversification

Marketing, advertising, and promotion strategies

(B) Does Starbucks have a winning strategy? Your response must demonstrate your understanding of the three tests of a winning strategy as described in Chapter 1, and be supported by information in Case #29.


Task #2: Regarding strategy, policies, procedures, and operating practices at Starbucks in 2018


Assume that Starbucks’ CEO Harry Schultz has asked you to advise him on what strategies, policies, procedures, and operating practices at Starbucks are working particularly well and what and changes might be needed to improve Starbuck’s performance in 2018 and beyond. Prepare a response that: (A) details the things that you feel Starbucks is executing well and (B) describes any problems that you see and the areas where the company needs to improve; and (C) describes your recommendations to further improve Starbucks performance prospects. In your response, justify why your recommendations should be implemented by utilizing evidence and logical argument.




TASK #3: Regarding Starbuck’s mission, business principles, and values.


Describe: (A) the features that characterize and define Starbucks’ corporate values and culture; and (B) the lengths to which Starbucks management has gone to create a work environment that clearly supports the effective execution of the company’s customer-friendly strategy differentiation strategy.




Describe at least three (3) different ways in which your understanding of management’s role in strategy-making and effective strategy-execution (as described in Chapter 10 thru 12, and related Instructor’s Notes) was enhanced or reinforced as the result of you working through this case assignment. PLEASE NOTICE: The focus here should NOT be on the specifics of the case. However, this does not preclude you from including information from the case (or your responses to the case questions) to illustrate how your understanding was enhanced or reinforced.

I have concluded all the necessary chapters and the case in a MOV format. I went fast through the pages in order to keep the files short. Slow down the videos and pause as you are reading. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OTHER SOURCES EXCEPT THE ONES I PROVIDED YOU WITH. There is no word limit feel free to write as much you want in order to get the desired outcome.

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