Sports in South African schools



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Sports in South African schools
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1.    There is no written examination for this module this semester. The portfolio is your examination equivalent and your portfolio mark will be used as your final examination mark.

  1. The portfolio should be typed and accompanied by evidence where applicable.
  2. This task should be undertaken independently by each student over the next few months during your teaching practice. You may use any resources at your disposal (including the internet and library) to provide the examiners with your final acceptable portfolio.
  3. The portfolio should be completed and presented to the examiners not later than Friday 11 December 2020.
  4. The portfolio should not exceed Eight (8) pages including Bibliography.
  5. Please, remember that appropriate time management is of the utmost importance in order to ensure that you complete this portfolio. Although students may work together when preparing portfolios, each student must write and submit his or her own individual portfolio. In other words, you must submit your own ideas in your own words sometimes with relevant short quotations that are properly referenced. It is unacceptable for students to submit identical portfolios on the basis that they worked together.
  6. The activities and all the evidence should be bound into one document.
  7. The following information must be clearly shown on the cover of your portfolio:
  • Surname & Initials
  • Student number
  • Contact number
  • Module Code
  • Level e.g. PGCE
  • Lecturer
  • Year & Institution







Sports in South African schools have been in crisis for the past 10 years. You are the sports educator and you have recently discovered that your school soccer or netball team is not performing as expected. Critically, discuss how you would tackle this problem?                                                                                                                        [50]



The use of alcohol and drugs present particular challenges to the youth especially athletes and soccer (netball) players of modern society. Critically evaluate the available evidence supporting various perceptions that alcohol and drugs are harmful to athletes and soccer (netball) players and that their use should in principle be restricted.                                                                                                               [50]




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