Create “something” creative (such as a podcast, painting,

poem, song, play, theatre performance, interpretive dance or other form of dance, musical

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composition, etc) that interrogates at least TWO of the materials I have assigned. Your artistic creation can be anything of your choosing. Your artistic expression

may be a dedication to the authors, the concepts they discuss, or how you relate to the

materials. After creating your artistic item/expression, you will write a ONE-page singlespaced (or 2-page double-spaced) write up that does the following:

• Describes what the artistic piece is doing, is inspired by, or reflecting on

o If a poem or song, break down line by line of the poem and explain

what it means (See for an example of this)

o If a painting, describe the painting in vivid detail. Imagine you are

describing it to someone that cannot see. Describe the colors, textures,


o If a theatre performance, explain who are the major characters in your

piece and what the main plot, climax, ending of the story is

o If dance, you would be recording yourself for me to view, and then

you would explain how each movement connects to your expression

o For musical composition, instrumentals, etc, describe the emotions in

the music and how the tempos connect to what you’re expressing.

Imagine you’re describing it to someone that cannot hear.

• Explains how the artistic piece connects to the materials you have chosen

• Explains the contributions the author have made and how those speak to your

artistic creation

• Be sure to cite at least TWO reading/text and use quotes and

evidence from the text to support your art piece.



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