Santa clara county law

You are a paralegal working in the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office. Your client, James Dean comes into the office and says he has been arrested for burglary. He says the facts are; he was staying with his girlfriend at her house in San Jose. They had an argument, and she locked him out of the house. While his girlfriend was at work, he entered the house through an open bedroom window.

He went in to retrieve his clothes that he had left in the bedroom. While he was in the bedroom he saw $100.00 in twenty dollar bills on the dresser. He took $60.00 because that was the amount of money that his girlfriend owed him.

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Santa clara county law
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He then left through the front door which was unlocked. Three days later he was arrested by the San Jose police for burglary.

The Public Defender Attorney assigned to the case asks you as the paralegal to see if James has a good case and any possible defenses.

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