Research Proposal Report


Based on the research question attached above and using the UX methods listed above, you will write a more detailed research proposal report about how you plan to conduct your proposed research. This assignment is a research proposal only, and you do not need to conduct the research in this course. Your proposal should contain the following sections, as outlined in the Research Proposal Instructions and Template Word document. Abstract: a concise, clear, and concise summary of the paper. Introduction: Describe why the problem you address is important. State what is lacking in the current knowledge and why this research is necessary. State the research question and the objectives of your study. Background/Related Literature: Provide the necessary background or related work. Synthesize information from a variety of significant sources related to the major point of the paper. Identify any gaps and unresolved questions in existing research and tie it to how your proposed research will address them. Cite all of your sources using any citation format. Methodology: Provide a detailed description of your proposed research design (e.g., study procedure; how many participants; obtaining consent; how will the researcher(s) interact with the participants,), the UX methods that you are planning to use (data collection and analysis), and why those methods are appropriate (i.e., why did you select those methods? Why are they particularly good for addressing your research question?). You should demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the research methods that you plan to use. Your methodology does not have to address issues concerning COVID (we can pretend the study will be conducted post-pandemic). Discussion: What are the anticipated outcomes of the proposed research? Who benefits from the research? What is the impact (e.g., social, economic, health, environmental)? Are there any limitations to the proposed study (all studies have limitations; for example, small sample size; some aspects about the participants you couldn’t study). Offer some perspectives for future work for yourself or other researchers. For example, what else would be interesting to investigate relating to your research topic; how might you address the limitation in the current study in future work. Paper length: approximately 1200-1500 words, or around 4 pages using the template excluding the title page and references. Visual material: Include at least one image, figure, or table in your paper. The visual material should be informative and support the textual information in the paper. For example, you could include a graph that depicts a trend, a table of statistics, or an image relating to your research topic. Write your paper using the Research Proposal Instructions

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Research Proposal Report
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