Reactive Attachment Disorder with Adopted Children and Children

Please answer the following questions in an APA paper. It should be no less than 4 pages, not including cover page and references.


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Reactive Attachment Disorder with Adopted Children and Children
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Now that you have decided on a research question and a method by which to answer it, it is time to create your specific procedure. How will you acquire data? How will you find participants? Should those participants have any particular qualities in common? Does it matter if the participants have the same experience when they are participating in the project? If so, how will you make sure that happens? How will you control for threats to validity (if your method relies on validity)? What other important steps are necessary to insure a quality study?

Although you will write this in prose, it should serve as an exact instruction manual so that anyone who reads it could replicate your study.


No study is perfect. There are always variables that will be out of your control. Some of these are inherent in the method and procedures you chose. Some are related to participants, the factors/phenomena studied, or any other number of variables. What could these limitations be in your study? How could these limitations change how useful your study is to practical applications? Your answers should be based on your understanding of your method and procedure, findings of previous literature, and your own ideas about the study you are proposing.

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