Policy Brief: inclusive and accessible menstrual hygiene products

This is a good start to your policy brief with insight developing about inclusive and accessible menstrual products. Think about providing data/statistics for statements that you make that are generalized. I think it would be helpful to mention Toxic Shock Syndrome and what it is before talking about the background of the work being done for it. I think it would be helpful to talk about how much menstrual products are available or not available to help support your statements.


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Policy Brief: inclusive and accessible menstrual hygiene products
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I think your paragraph about wage differences and the pink tax are related but have not been woven into the paper well. I think it would be helpful to connect the topic more with transition sentences and direct connections to the overall topic. How does access to menstrual products influence/impact wage gaps, the pink tax, and maternity leave?


In your policy recommendations section be detailed and specific without being wordy. Also, work to not be as repetitive. Overall, this is a great topic and is so needed! But more research can make it stronger.


Be mindful of: too much spacing between words in sentences and paragraphs; sentence structure/composition as some of your sentences are missing words or have added words that aren’t needed; creating transition sentence to create better flow between paragraphs/topics/themes; missing in-text citations; the language you use to describe your topic/population throughout and be consistent with that language use; missing punctuation.


Be mindful of the overall organization of topics and how your information is arranged fluidly for good processing. There are moments when it feels like you’re adding information but it is not always related to the overall topic. Lastly, grammar, grammar, grammar! Please review for grammar errors throughout.

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