Play Critique/Review

Production Critique/Review Instructions & Format


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Play Critique/Review
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Your critique/review should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt. The paper should follow the following format, contain at least 6 paragraphs, and be at least 2 pages in length.



Play Review: Play Title

By: First/Last Name


Paragraph 1: Introduction & Preview


  1. What you plan to write about: Play, _____, by _____ at _____ Theatre


  1. Choose 1-2 Characters to describe & comment upon—don’t try to cover them all


  1. Discuss the Text, Direction


  1. Choose 2 Production Values to discuss: How do they enhance/detract from      production?
  2. Scenery
  3. Lighting
  4. Costumes
  5. Sound
  6. Props


Paragraph 2-5: Review Body:


Par. 2: Favorite Actor/Character: Characters & Conflict


Par.3:   Discuss Text: What is the genre of the play and what is the playwright’s purpose                           in telling the story?


Par. 4:  Discuss Director: How does the director’s concept enhance or detract from story                           & message?


Par. 5: Production Values #1 & #2

  1. Scenery: What is your first impression of the world of the play that is being                                                  represented based on the set? How does the set help tell the story                                                   throughout the performance? How are the moving elements of the                                                  set incorporated into the play? Are they effective, and why or why                                                       not? What does the painting style look like, and how does that                                                          effect the audience’s perception of the environment? How do the                                                        furniture pieces tie into the production?


  1. Lighting: How do the lighting effects direct the audience’s attention through                                                             the performance to help tell the story? What effect do the                                                                designer’s color choices have on the story that is being told?
  2. Costumes: How do the costumes help to let the audience know who each                                                         character is? What do the costumes tell you about the character’s                                                    age, social status, education level, etc.?
  3. Sound: How do the music and sound effects help to sculpt the experience                                                  of the show for the audience? What does it add to the                                                                     performance?
  4. Props: Are there any props that are highlighted during the performance                                                      and how are they incorporated into the story being told? Are they                                                   effective at assisting with the story telling, and why or why not?


Last Paragraph: Summary & Conclusion:

What’s best/worst about this play. Do you recommend it?    For whom?


Please Note: Liking the show will not make me like your paper. The intent of having you write this paper is to develop your critical eye, so be sure not to focus solely on the ways in which the production succeeded, but also to identify areas in which it could have been more effective. Every show has things that they could have done better, bigger, or more accurately, so if you’re not seeing them then you should look closer.

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