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The activities below are designed to help you understand the requirements of the GEN145 Final Assignment.


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In this example, a GEN145 student has chosen electric vehicles as her research topic.

During her research, she has found the source below.
























Task 1 – Summary                                                                                                   

Click on the link and read this text.  Then answer the questions below.


What is the best way to start a summary of this text?


  1. The text “Alternative Fuels Data Center: Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations” (n.d.) aims to give a clear picture of the pros and cons of electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid vehicles (HEVs).
  2. The text “Alternative Fuels Data Center: Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations” (n.d.) aims to convince American readers in particular of the advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid vehicles (HEVs).
  3. The text “Alternative Fuels Data Center: Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations” (n.d.) describes in detail how electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles (HEVs) work.





Which of the following are NOT appropriate for inclusion in a summary of this text? You may choose more than one.


  1. The text first examines energy security and argues that EVs and HEVs could make the US less dependent on imported oil.
  2. The text explains that hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) typically use less fuel than similar conventional vehicles, because they employ electric-drive technologies to boost efficiency.
  3. The factors which affect costs of EVs and HEVs in the US are then explored.
  4. The text explains that US consumers can receive tax credits of $2,500 to $7,500 when they buy an EV and that the size of this government financial support depends on the battery size of the vehicle they are buying.




Task 2 – Evaluating the Source                                                                              

Look at this source again and answer the questions below.


  1. Is this a scholarly, peer-reviewed source?
  2. Can you see an author’s name?
  3. Is there anything about this source that makes you consider it reliable? What?
  4. Could this source be biased? Why / Why not?
  5. Does the source have a references list? How does it let you know where its information came from?
  6. Can you see a date of publication?
  7. How current is this source? How do you know?
  8. Do you think this source is relevant to the student’s research? Why?



Task 3 – How did this source affect the student’s research project?                  


  1. Do you think it could have influenced the student’s position on EVs? How?
  2. Do you think this source could have given the student ideas for new searches or new directions in their research? Explain
  3. Do you think that this text helped her to collect some useful key words for future searches? What might they be?



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