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Must be in contact working this assignment as there are many instructions.

1. Report
2. Knowledge Translation Activities
3. Your dataset

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GRADING (on 100 points):

– 65 Points: Data Management + APA Report – Correct analyses, proper data-management, and obtained the expected results for your dataset. Report format, proper presentation and interpretation of results.

– 35 Points: Knowledge Translation – Creativity, accuracy, thoroughness, and quality. This project assumes you are a researcher and that you conducted all phases of this research study (design, recruitment, data collection, analysis, results, and sharing results).

1. APA Report Instructions:
Format: Your report should be in APA format and include the following sections (doubled spaced):
– Title Page (1 page)
– Methods (1 – 2 pages)
– Results (1 – 2 pages + tables and figures)
– Discussion (1 – 2 pages)
– References (cite your measures + anything you add to your discussion)

Here is a helpful resource for how to structure your paper in APA 7. g_and_style_guide/documents/20200128APA7StudPaper.pdf

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