Music; New Media; Media Content; Media Organizations

Question 1

Music artists utilize language that degrades or puts down various groups in our society including women. Think about a current, popular song. What do the lyrics say about relationships, gender identities, love, and intimacy? Do you agree that the use of derogatory lyrics is free speech? Does the song use qualitative, textual, or rhetorical methods to portray their thoughts of various groups in society? Be sure to support your response with scholarly sources.

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Music; New Media; Media Content; Media Organizations
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Question 2

Much research suggests that young people are utilizing racially derogatory language in social media without understanding the historical use of such language. Explain whether or not you feel music and new media contribute to this trend. How would you remedy this problem? Or is it not a problem?









Question 3

Revisit your assignment from Topic 1 (please open hyperlink).  Do you feel that your level of media literacy has increased during the process of this course?     D:\1 GCU Jae\GCU\COM 520\Week 1\Media and Society.docx














Question 4

Watch different TV newscasts specifically Fox (Conservative), CNN (moderate), and MSNBC (liberal). Compare the gender/race pairings from one station to the next. Do you see any differences? Be sure to provide specific examples.

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