Watch the movie then write a synopsis like we’ve talked about many times. Some background,details about the music/performance, and finally your impressions. This is a URL To write a concert / music report for this class please observe the following guidelines: The report should be in 3 parts or paragraphs: Opening, Body, and Closing. In the Opening, give the clip name and link. Also, give context/background information, so the reader knows what you are writing about. In the Body is where you will give details about the performance/documentary, musician(s), instrument(s), song(s), and music (rhythm, melody, form). In the Closing give your impressions and opinions. When writing, keep it simple. Avoid long sentences, complicated words, slang, and cliches. Use your own words. Research from the internet, but only always use your words. Do not copy sentences or phrases from the internet, or if you occasionally must, give the original source link.

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