Market Research Proposal on a given wearable technology 2000-2500

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To write a quality market research proposal to achieve top grade base on the rubrics and guides given. Please see attachment.
You are working for a company that is considering developing an app that uses 3D motion sensor technology to provide asynchronous and synchronous feedback that can be used for a range of potential applications. The 3D motion sensor technology will be supplied by a third party e.g. Notch
-Assess THREE key trends arising from PES(T)EL Analysis

-Provide ONE specific application for the app (i.e. a specific market segment for the technology)
-Explain in detail how you will use Intellectual Property in the development of the app

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Market Research Proposal on a given wearable technology 2000-2500
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– Design a qualitative CUSTOMER- BASED market research activity
Proposal :
• the aim(s) of the research, with appropriate research questions
• one method used to generate data
– charts, graphs, etc
– summary using infographics

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