Law & Bioethics

Topic: Legal and Ethical Dilemmas in Reproductive Health and Cloning

Conduct the necessary research and drafting to compose a paper that compares and contrasts treatment of your approved topic by bioethics scholars with treatment of the topic by the law and/or in policy. Be sure to address the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches.
The grade for the final paper will be based on the following:
· How well you isolate and articulate the paper’s central topic
· The relevance to the topic(s) of the bioethics and legal and/or policy texts the you consult and the quality of your review of these texts
· How well you compare and contrast treatments of the topic(s) in bioethics scholarship with treatments of the topic(s) in law and/or policy
· The extent to which you use the bioethics and legal and/or policy texts to develop an argument or analysis of the topic(s)
· Clarity of the ideas and expressions

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Law & Bioethics
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