How the social media plays a big role on gender

Literature instructions


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How the social media plays a big role on gender
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You are required to write a literature review on a topic of your choice but relevant to the course. Before you begin, you need to discuss and get the topic approved by me. Additionally, if required, you can use media and data sources—ONLY authentic (real) ones (e.g., New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, U.S. Census Bureau, Data.Gov)—to make your point. The paper should be your critical take on existing literature, including their theoretical and/or empirical contributions and loopholes and how future research should fill the existing gaps.

Note: This paper should be 3 pages. The last page will be considered full when 3/4th of it is

typed. Maintain 12-font size, Times New Roman as the font style, 1-inch margin on all sides, and

double space throughout the paper. You MUST include an introduction and conclusion, as well as

maintain connections between your preceding and succeeding paragr

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