Historical TIMELINE in film (1895 – 1960) schedule format


Hello Before bidding, please make sure you have some interest in history and film and can comfortably research and write about them. While I have added the syllabus of this course (Which shows the assigned films we have watched in class) and the articles that we read from the notebook The Oxford History of World Cinema by Geoffry Nowell-Smith. I need a historical timeline of films from 1895 to 1960. The timeline HAS to mention all the following significant film periods and moments in history: – Date given as the birth of the motion picture – The emergence of multi-shot films. – Emergence of Nickelodeons 
 – The emergence of crosscutting/ parallel editing 
 – The emergence of feature-length films( their establishment as the new norm) 
 – Rise to prominence of Hollywood and the Hollywood Studio System 
 – Introduction of sound 
 – Experiments with film color; the rise of Technicolor and other color processes 
 – “Paramount Decision” 
 – Rise of television 
 – The decline of the Hollywood Studio System 
 – The emergence of widescreen cinema 
 – Auteur theory (politique des auteurs) 
 Additional information must be provided in addition to the required ones above. The timeline needs to be thorough and detailed. The Timeline has to also include at least SIX of the films we have seen in class. The titles of all the films we had seen are all included in the attachments I have provided. Info about what the 6-7 films of your choice should include their role in cinema history, significance, director and cinematographer, year and period, genre, reception, and more. Please note that the timeline must not limit itself to the required 6 films screened in class, and can expand with other classic films from 1895 o 1960 that are not included in this course. You may need to access the following book for some assistance: The Oxford History OF World Cinema by Geoffry Nowell-Smith Please refer to the samples provided for format and style.

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Historical TIMELINE in film (1895 – 1960) schedule format
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