Food trend (summary of article)

Your assignment is to evaluate the trend and discuss the impact it is likely to have on the back of house operations of a foodservice organization (e.g., restaurant, etc.).  Consider the following questions when conducting your evaluation and be certain to justify your responses using course materials.  Consider the foodservice systems model discussed.  What are the areas of the operation (focus on the back of the house) that are/will be impacted by this trend/issue (i.e., what are the potential “ripple effects” that may occur)? How might it change structure, efficiency, labor, equipment, ordering, menu mix, etc.?  Which segments of the industry are most likely to adopt/be impacted by this trend/issue? Least likely? Why? based on this article

448386an hour ago

it must only be based on that article I posted the link above , practically just a summary of the article while answering the above questions

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Food trend (summary of article)
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