Food Security Adaptations

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Food Security Adaptations
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  1. Lobell and M. Burke (eds.), Climate Change and Food Security, Advances in Global Change Research 37, DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-2953-9_8, © Springer Science+Business Media, B.V. 20 0t ps://

This paper goes in depth on what agriculture farmers can adapt to in order to combat food security. There are multiple small actions farmers can make in order to still grow food in the changing climate. However this artivle does not expect the farmers to be able to solve the crisis themselves. An interesting question That is posed- is if the farmingis not enough, at what scale will be enough? In order to answer the question the paper has a secton on measuring the progress in adaptation that questions how the world will change. Mainky, I will be using this paper in reference to an option of farmers adapting to climate change.


Gregory, P.j, et al. “Climate Change and Food Security.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, vol. 360, no. 1463, 2005, pp. 2139–2148., doi:10.1098/rstb.2005.1745.

This article gives a broad over view on climate change and its effect on food security. On section of the journal is focused on the vulnerability of food systems to climate change. Which then the uthor explains various adaptations that are offered in theory to reduce that vulnerability. Offers a study of drought tolerant rice to increase food production and combat shortages from climate change. Along with the written work, the author provides graphs and tables to explain the ideas.


Puupponen, A., Kortetmäki, T., Paloviita, A., & Järvelä, M. (2015). Social Acceptance of Climate Change Adaptation in Farms and Food Enterprises : a Case Study in Finland. International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 22 (2), 105-123. Retrieved from


This is a case study to further go in depth on how farmers are adapting to climate change. There are interviews by many farmers in Europe. The interviews ask the farmers how climate change has affected their crop yield along with how adaptations can be identified and brought forward to counter those problems. Along with farmers the study shows research that include the influence on social acceptance to these adaptation changes. These questions address: their opinion on climate change, flexibility of adaptation policies, bureaucracy, and economic factors.


Simon, G. (2012). Food Security: Definition, Four dimensions, History. Retrieved 2020, from

This is a study of the history of food security. It includes history from 1930-2005 and then goes into the future of food security. The first report of hunger and malnutrition was reported in 1935 which is what started the strong involvement of research of nutrition and food security. This article will help me lay down the foundation of how climate change has directly affected food security. As well as the theories and weaknesses of different methods.

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