English Literature

There are two stories for you to read this week:

1. “Sorry Dan, But It’s No Longer Necessary for a Human to Serve as CEO of this Company”: “Sorry, Dan…” by Erik Cofer
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English Literature
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2. “The Eyes Have It”: “The Eyes Have It” by Philip K. Dick
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Please answer the following questions based only on this week’s Lecture information and the story itself and, of course, your brain. Do not access any outside sources to answer the questions. Thank you.

Questions to answer:

(a) What is the overall tone in each story? Please explain.
(b) Try to find a specific passage from each story that supports your idea about the story’s tone. Put it in direct quotes, and then put the in-text citation after it just like this: “Quote” (“The Eyes Have It”) or “Quote” (“Sorry Dan….”).
(c) What kind of irony does each story use? Explain your answer. If you quote directly from Dr. Gulya’s Lecture notes, do this: “Quote” (Gulya). Be sure to offer your own interpretation of his lecture notes rather than using only his words.
(d) Read this advice given by one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz. How does it relate to “The Eyes Have It”? Please explain.




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