E-Business Eassy

Q1) Define, describe, and illustrate with at least one example the two major elements in the Business Model framework of Disruptive Innovation. (Disruptive Business Model)


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E-Business Eassy
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Q2) List, discuss, and illustrate with at least two examples the five major changes in the Data domain from the analog to the digital age. (Slides Digital Transformation Framework)



Q3) In the ERRC grid, spell out what the “ERRC” stand for. Explain and illustrate with at least one ebusiness example the ERRC grid of the Blue Ocean framework. Discuss with at least one example how it is related to the Strategy Canvas. (4 actions framework & Strategy Canvas)



Q4) List out the six paths of the Blue Ocean Strategy. Discuss and explain with at least one example how ebusiness can take the six paths of Blue Ocean Strategy to get out of red ocean. (The Six Paths Framework)



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