Child in Your life:

B. Child in Your life:

If you have regular access to the child look for moments when the child engages in challenging behavior. If other adults spend time with this child ask for support. This will allow you to collect moments when you’re not present.

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Child in Your life:
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If you do not have regular access to the child you will need to rely on the family member to provide information. This would be a good time, if it is possible, to spend some time with the child and their family.

You will collect a minimum of 3 challenging behavior observations. Use them to fill out the: Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence, and Possible Function. Do your best to fill out the chart and address the questions. Look at the Adara’s Example

for guidance

Note: The Consequence is the impact the behavior had on supporting or eliminating the behaviors and is not linked to punishment.

ABC Chart for Child in Your life
II Complete a Behavioral Hypothesis
Write a Behavioral Hypothesis (1 page minimun, 2 page maximum: You will use the data from the ABC chart to create a Behavioral Hypothesis. This is a summary of triggers, behaviors and maintaining consequences (outcomes of behaviors) and possible functions. Cite sources

Brief example: In group play situations (outside play/centers), Tim uses verbal aggression (threats), physical aggression (hit, push, kick, punch), and property destruction (throwing or banging toys) to obtain toys and/or join play. When this occurs, the peer relinquishes the desired toy and leaves the play area and/or an adult intervenes and provides Tim with excessive negative attention possibly meeting his needs and strengthening future responses. Based on these interactions it is likely that Tim is seeking friendships and attention and does not have the skills. This is one example, you will write a statement that provides several examples from your ABC analysis. When working with a real child, the hypothesis statement would include feedback from other adults in the child’s life.

Example Behavior Hypothesis Statement Adara


III. Complete a Behavioral Support Planning Chart:

You will now complete a Behavioral Support Planning Chart for your child.Fill out this form using information gained through through insights (what you have learned) about your Case Study Child, your hypothesis reflection and your completed Case Study Child ABC Chart.

To complete this work download and fill out this form: Behavioral Support Planning Chart

. The completed form is part of this assignment and will be uploaded to the submission box when you are ready to submit.

Example: Adara’s Behavioral Support Planning Chart

Minimize File Preview

IV. Complete a Positive Behavioral Support Plan Summary

Write out a Behavioral Support Plan Summary (2 page minimum, 3 page maximum): You will summarize the information from the chart in a written plan. The plan should address the following:

Begin with the child strengths
Share what you or your team has decided to do to prevent the behaviors
What is your new response to the behavior? Now that you have identified what is maintaining the challenging behavior.
What prevention skills will you put in place and what skills will be taught and encouraged. Explain how this will be accomplished. For example, you might create (visual schedule), make additional environmental changes, role playing, related activities, group discussions, visual aids etc.
Include how the family will partner in this plan. This must be written in a supportive manner, without judgement.
Use ideas from more than one source: lecture, discussions, textbook, CSEFEL/Wakelet Board or other outside resources. Cite your sources.
Be specific and give examples to support your ideas

Example: Adara’s Positive Behavioral Support Plan Summary


Writing Guidelines
11-12 font; font type (Calibri, New Times Roman, Arial); 1.5 spacing
Submission must be edited for grammar and spelling errors.
Must meet minimum length
Cite Sources
Turn in a:
Completed ABC Chart (1 page)
Behavioral Hypothesis ( 2 pages maximum)
Completed Behavioral Support Planning Chart 1 page chart
Behavioral Support Plan Summary (2 pages minimum )

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